Name: Tessy
Country: Sverige
Experience: Been dancing for 2 years
Name: Dakota Sky
Country: USA
Experience: Professional Professional " feature " dancing with 19 different shows. Miss Nude North America in 2009 .
Name: Marissa
Country: Romania
Experience: Danced all over Europe
Mark Mannlig stripper
Name: Mark, Male Stripper
Country: Norway
Experience: Worked all over Europe
Name: Emma from Finland
Country: Finland
Experience: Worked in Tokyo
Name: Strip Dancer Anastasia from France
Country: France
Experience: I used to work in the Penthouse Club of Paris, in the Club 4 (Paris), l'Extase (Guadeloupe, French West Indies), and Strip Café (Nantes, France).
Name: Sass
Country: Latvia
Experience: I have been a Strip dancer for 5 years and worked all over Europe
Name: Cristal
Country: Latvia
Experience: I started dancing when I was 18 years old in Latvia. Now I work in Italy in Strip clubs, erotic festivals and I also do porn movies.